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News & Notes

COVID-19 Season Suspended

I have elected to take the extra cautionary step of suspending all league activities effective immediately 3/13/2020. No practices or games until further notice. This is in accordance with Babe Ruth Baseball and the Florida Department of Health. 

This season will continue once we are given the all clear. Keep the kids practicing in your yards. There are a plethora of youtube videos with drills that can be done alone or with one two. 

  • You can find more information at:

    Thank you
    AJ Ghazanfari VBA President

Jumbo Shrimp

The Jumbo shrimp are having a youth sports day on May 3rd. Great chance for the kids to take in some baseball. They even get to run the bases with their team after the game. For more details contact James 904-374-4569

6U Advanced Baseball Tryouts

6U advanced baseball tryouts will be held on March 29th from 1pm to 3pm at Palencia Field #2. Players must be 6 years old on May 1st 2020 in order to be eligible. The 6U state tournament rules call for all players to hit off the tee. For more information contact AB Director Andy Stevenson at

Pets at our Park

Just want to address the concerns about pets at the park. I know some of you do not want any pets at the park, however Saint Johns County code specifically allows dogs excluding specific breeds.  All other pets are prohibited. I have included the specific language below as well as a link to the code on the counties website. 


Section 17. Animals.

(a) Except in specified areas, domesticated (house/residential yard) animals are permitted within park property. Said animals must be restrained at all times at a distance not greater than six (6) feet in length from their handler.

(b) No person shall bring into, nor allow to enter, any park property any non- domesticated (non-house/residential yard) animals including, but not limited to, cattle, mules, swine, sheep, goats, fowl or reptiles except where in conjunction with projects sponsored by County departments or upon permit from the Director.

(c) Dangerous dogs, as defined in F.S. ch. 767, and local regulation, are prohibited from park property.

(d) In conjunction with projects and facilities administered by County departments or upon permit from the Director, animals may be allowed in designated areas of the parks at specified times without restraint.

(e) Every individual who brings an animal into a County Park shall be responsible for the removal and sanitary disposition ofany excreta deposited by the animal, anywhere within the County Park.


AB Fan Gear

Williams athletics has an offering of VBA "Bombers" fan gear available for parents, siblings, and other supporters. Orders will be cut-off March 20th for delivery before the tournaments start-up. 


Rained Out App

In an effort to better communicate with our members Villages Baseball will be using the rained out app for the spring season. The rained out app utilizes email, text, and social media to quickly get messages up. As the name suggests this is a particularly useful tool during weather delays/cancellations. Its free to VBA members. If you are interested sign-up below. 

Cal Ripken Baseball

Cal Ripken baseball is for boys and girls ages 4 - 12.  Divisions range from Rookie Tball(5U), Veteran Tball (7U), Jr Minors (8U), Minors (10U) up to Majors (12U) with open bases and a bigger field.  

Babe Ruth Softball

Babe Ruth Softball is available to Girls ages 6 - 12 (older ages coming soon)  Teams are formed based on age and skill level to allow for the best experience possible.   Games can be both intraleague and interleague within our area.  

Babe Ruth Baseball

Villages Baseball Association provides a baseball experience for boys and girls ages 13 up to 18 as an alternative to school baseball or travel baseball.  Games are played against other BR teams in the area with a minimum of 12 games per season.

2019 VBA Sponsors


AJ Ghazanfari

President - Villages Baseball Association

Phone: 904-874-1004

Julie Rolf

Vice President - Villages Baseball Association

Phone: 843-263-5526

Chris Sinclair

Softball Director